Hi, my name is Cesare Campoli and I'm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

 I have been a Professional Wedding DJ over 12 years, and over that period, I have expanded my passion for Photography, and Video Editing. 

 Growing up, I was always fascinated with the video camera, capturing many great moments, and many embarrassing ones. Today, I'm very happy to be doing something I really enjoy, and to help others remember those precious moments.

 Photography came later in my life, and it wasn't until I lost a loved one, that I took over my grandfathers legacy. He was always the one taking all the pictures, everywhere he went. Later, the camera was passed down to me, and it is my honour to take over that task. What only started out as a hobby, has now become one of the funnest, and satisfying areas in my life.

 Music has always been around for all of us since the beginning. I have been inspired by so many songs, and none more then Star Wars. Remember as a kid, that movie and the score were very influential. On top of that, my father was in a band called the Rainbows, and it was in the later 90's that he decided to get into the DJ business. I saw through the music he chose that people were happy, and I loved that feeling. Eventually, I took over, and it's my pleasure to choose songs that people love and that are great to dance to.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, and when you contact me, you will see that I am a genuinely great person to deal with, and I look forward to meeting you. 


Quick Highlights

Professional DJ
• Over 10 Years Experience
• High Quality Sound System
• Updated Music Library(Bi-Weekly)
• Lights and Special Effects
• Speciality in Weddings, Anniversaries, and many more

• Studio Booth
• Portraits/Headshots
• Event Photography

• Documentary
• Events
• Trailers