Green Screen, Headshot, & Video

Green Screen Studio Booth

Why use our Green Screen Studio Booth over the traditional photo booth?

In addition to the Professional DJ, is our portable studio the "Green Screen Studio Booth'
Photo-booth's have been the latest craze for weddings and other functions where your guests can come home with a picture and a smile. Now, small photo booths are great but ours takes it up a notch. Here's what we offer.

• Live Photographer
• Real-Time Editing

• Use of Crops
• Fit large groups of people
• Use any background
• Add logos or Texts
• High Quality Picture with Photo Folder
• Choice between, 4x6, 5x7, or Wallet Size
• Book Now and Get a 8x10 Digital Picture of all your guests


What is a Green Screen used for?  Green Screens are great for compositing, and can be used in many ways like Product Shots and Special EventsCompositingis the combining of two photos into one, making it seem like your somewhere else.

Product shots don't require compositing but just to have it on a white background. Great for showing your products without a distracting background.

Special Events - Do you have a theme for your big event like Hawaii? Transport your guests to palm trees and oceans, or anywhere you'd like to send them. Great for Weddings, or any event. Props are also great for flare for your photos.

The process is simple. Take a picture with green screen, transfer to computer to instantly remove the green, and insert your picture.

                Picture with Green Screen Final Picture


Hawaii ThemeTransport your guests in the middle of winter to Palm tree beaches. Using crops creates excitement. Hawaii ThemeHave some fun! Knowing the background beforehand helps create imagination
New Years GalaFit large groups of people with our Studio Booth New Years GalaPortraits
Veneto ThemeGondola in Veneto, Italy Magazine OverlayHave fun with Magazine, and Movie Posters

Headshot Studio Booth

A headshot is a photograph of a face, typically used for actors, models, and authors but now they are used for Facebook profiles, Dating Sites, Resumes, and many more.

The most common headshot uses a High Key white background, but any use of a non-distracting background can be used such as, Black, Grey, or White.

Let us bring our Headshot Studio Booth to your location and we can start getting your best shot ever, to share on the internet, or wherever you need it.

Great for Businesses that need Staff pictures for their website.


Video Studio Booth

The "Video Studio Booth" is used in conjunction with our green screen. Here we conduct Interviews, and Documentaries using Mics and Sound Recording Equipment for the best quality sound.

Interviews are great for your wedding slideshow, and by asking the right questions, it can create great content for your video.
As an example, when asked "Where did you first meet?" You can incorporate a picture or video in that place while answering the question.

Documentaries are very similar to interviews but can be used in a number of ways. Create Family Videos for Anniversaries, New Borns, and many more.

Here's a clip from a documentary about their New Born. 
New Born VideoShort clip of how we use content from the conversation
Creating visual content and clear audio are the most important things in making a great video.

Let us know how we can make your vision a reality. Get all the pictures, and all your videos from VHS to your phone, and we can make a video that will stay in your family for generations. 

What you get in the end!

Final Video - Digital(Computer/Tablet), and DVD
Digital Archive of all your Videos, and Pictures